WBP Shot 12

Group: 3, 3-Cushion Shots
Point Value: 9

Red Ball: 1 ball away from the left rail, 1 ball away from the top rail
White Ball: 3 diamonds from the left rail, 2 diamonds from the top rail
Yellow Ball: 4 diamonds from the left rail, along the inside of lower balkline

As shown, the object of the shot is to follow off the white, moving the cue ball up and down the length of the table to the score ball. The white is banked twice across the table into the gathering zone.

PS. Another interesting thing to note is that these 3-cushion shots and the other 3 cushion shots that will be shown in Group 8, have relatively low point values as compared to many other shots.

This is consistent of the thinking of many others and myself, in that playing good straight rail or balkline billiards is much more difficult than it seems, and playing good 3-cushion billiards is not as difficult as it seems.

I hope this helps to motivate you to go out and try to play some 3-cushion billiards.