Program Instruction

Basic Introduction:

The WBP is a series of 76 shots arranged in 19 groups of 4 shots per group. The program carries a similar format to the Artistic Billiard competition, wherein all players shoot the exact same shots, get three tries per shot, and earn points upon successful completion of each shot.

Using This Blog
Use the Shot links in the right sidebar to select pages to view.

In each blog page for a shot, there are two pages stored:

page 1: the Initial Position
page 2: Suggested Solution

In the table program, use the page navigation arrows located at the bottom right corner to view two pages for the shot. You can also view them as puzzles. Save your solution onto page 1 and compare it to page 2. This is a great learning experience for everyone.

All our suggested solution will be carefully examed by advanced players. More comments will also be made accordingly.

Commenting on the shot
Please feel free to add comments at the end of any page. However please keep the conversation topic only on the shot so everyone can have a pleasing experience in sharing ideas.
For commenting on general issues, you can add it at the end of this page (Program Instruction).

Instructions for Play

- The cue ball used is always the Yellow ball. The driven or first object ball is always the White ball. The score or second object ball is always the Red ball.

- Each shot will only count if the 3 balls land and remain in the gathering zone in accordance with the predetermined path. (the gathering zone for every shot is the green 1 diamond square in each diagram).

- Each diagram yields from 4-11 points relative to its complexity and difficulty. Total points for all possible shots is 500. The shot is completed if the balls duplicate the diagram and the billiard is scored in the gathering zone and all balls remain in the gathering zone.

- Please note that to kiss is usually considered a mistake and the shot has not been successfully completed. However in selected shots to be noted, a kiss is allowed if it occurs in the gathering zone and in specific kiss-back shots.

-The shots as diagrammed are set up for right-handed players. The shots may be set up on the opposite sides of the table to accommodate left-handed players.

- Power strokes, whip strokes and masse' shots are not in the programs; the cloth is not abused.

-This program was original developed when the standard equipment was ivory balls and heavier wool cloth. With the newer equipment of plastic balls and more sheer worsted wool cloth, several of the shots are very difficult and may not even be possible with brand new cloth and balls.